About Me
I am an illustrator and gallery artist based in Los Angeles. I've explored a wide variety of subjects in my work (which can range from lighthearted takes on popular culture to darker, symbolism-filled narratives), but I am continuously fascinated by nature, folklore, death, and the allure of the unknown.

juliancallos (at) gmail (dot) com

Otis College of Art & Design (Class of 2009)
BFA in Communication Arts/Illustration. Graduated with honors.

Awards & Recognition
Society of Illustrators: Illustrators 56, 57
American Illustration 31, 34 Selected
Society of Illustrators, LA: Illustration West 47
American Illustration 28 Tribute Gallery

Gallery 1988
WWA Gallery
Bold Hype Gallery
MondoPOP Rome
Light Grey Art Lab
Gallery Nucleus
Spoke Art
Gallery Meltdown
LeBasse Projects
Show & Tell Gallery
Subtext Gallery
T&P Fine Art
Perihelion Gallery

In Print
Crazy 4 Cult book
Ark Project by DGPH
IdN Extra 3
Soul Pancake book
Puffed Shoggoths
Bits in Multiples of 8

The New York Times
Scientific American
The New Republic
Workman Publishing
LA Weekly

All images on this site (c) Julian Callos